Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rain Barrel Workshop, Oct 3, 11 AM



Come and build your rainbarrel with us! Feel free to paint and decorate it with us too! ...and of course you get to take your barrel home. Please note that our barrels are white(not blue like the photo).

There is space for 10 participants. Please RSVP and send or bring in a check to secure your space.

Call or email us if you have any questions!
888-828-8242 x 704

Thank you to Burners Without Borders for helping to make this happen!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009



What is your main cause? Poverty? Hunger? Animal or Plant Extinction? Cultural Extinction? Deforestation? Ocean and Reef Destruction? Social Injustice? Pollution? War?

What if you could work on solving all of these problems by working with millions of planetary friends on just one…CLIMATE CRISIS.

The world now recognizes that Global Warming is real and human activity is causing unprecedented rise in temperatures that impact warming and destroying our oceans, melting glaciers that provide our water supply, droughts, fires, flooding, extreme weather, unprecedented displacement of peoples, fights for resources, and more. The heart of most of the world’s problems stem from environmental degradation, or, the destruction of the natural life-giving systems on the Planet, and human greed, arrogance and ignorance.

350 represents the amount of carbon in our atmosphere that scientists say MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED if life is to continue to sustaining to humans. Right now we are 390.

In December, our world leaders will converge on Copenhagen to spend several days in talks about new climate agreements. The corporate greed that has led to injustice and environmental damage will be staking its claim to keep the status quo and serve its own profit basis, irrespective of the consequences. is about the People of the World and we can have a Voice also, a big one, if we join together. Our united grassroots voices, in partnership with intelligent leadership is the only thing that serves as a check and balance on corporate greed.

We are in crisis~ this is an emergency. History offers countless stories of human courage and brilliance in the face of emergency. The challenge right now is that the emergency is hard to see where most of us are living…most of us are not in the Himalayas or the Arctic where the glaciers that feed world water are disappearing; the humans that are living amidst the destruction of the rainforests, the droughts of Darfur and Sudan, the wars over oil and other resources are not the privileged of the Earth, who have still have enormous comfort zones, and have the technology and education to do something about it.

We must now use the higher part of our brain to imagine the consequences of too little action, and project what will happen in our silence. And that vision needs to sober us into immediate action; picture it, and your adrenaline will do the rest.

OCT 24th is 350 INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE ACTION DAY. On this day in 120 countries (and growing) regular people everywhere will join events to make that big VOICE, and send our leaders the message that we want a planet that we can live on.

Join us in Fort Lauderdale for the local event, or check the website to find a location near where you will be on Oct 24th.

Today’s little children will bear the legacy of our willingness to act, or not act; the errors of the past are gone, those voices have had their say, and the children now and in the future have yet no voice; it is our generation RIGHT NOW that must act.

If you are not sure of the facts, educate yourself; if you know, then step us and join a group somewhere, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get busy getting saving ourselves.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Axion International-Recycled Plastic Bridges

Check out the web site Axion International.

They make structural components out of recycled plastic. They use technology developed by Rutgers University.

Check out this video of an army tank crossing one of their recycled bridges.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Valley Forge in Florida Trend

One of our sources for fabric, Valley Forge Fabrics is featured in the latest Florida Trend. This is a great story on how the second generation is taking the company in new progressive areas just as their parents had done previously. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the motivation for reducing carbon footprint, reducing costs, and improving profits.

Our partnership with Valley Forge is an important component to our success. Last week we picked up about 500 pounds of material from Valley Forge. Stop by T2T to check it out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halloween Street Scene and Soul Parade-Puppet Workshops, Materials Needed, Event Volunteers Needed

Skeleton Krewe NEEDED!!! (South Florida)

Lake Worth's Halloween Street Scene & Soul Parade is looking for volunteers to help raise our GIANT SKELETON & GHOST PUPPETS from the DEAD! RSVP- To reserve your space for FREE Workshops where you can learn to Design, Papier Mache, Stitch, Paint, Puppeteer, and more! So grab your friendly Ghouls or Goblins and go from 1 to 13 sessions! Tuesdays in Lake Worth. Saturdays in Fort Lauderdale. To join our Skeleton Krew, contact Anderson at 561-294-1702 or today --- Before it's too LATE!

Most workshops recommended for 15 years through adult. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. For kids activities and extended list of events, check out:

In Broward County, Contact Casey at, 888-828-8242 x 701.
In Palm Beach County, Contact Anderson at, 561-294-1702.

In Broward County, Contact Casey at, 888-828-8242 x 701.

All Fort Lauderdale workshops will be taught by Puppet Master Jim Hammond from the National Broadway Tour of "The Lion King". Learn every detail of creating a giant! RSVP is a must as space is limited.
9-5/Sa - Day of the Dead Sculpt 1(Puppet Guild/Trash to Treasure Training Session)

9-12/Sa - Skulls & Bones Papier Mache 1

9-19/Sa - Ghosts & Skulls Papier Mache 2

9-26/Sa - Giant Puppet Paint 1

10-3/Sa - Giant Puppet Costuming 1

10-10/Sa - Giant Puppet Costuming 2

10-17/Sa - Giant Puppet Mechanics 1

10-24/Sa - Puppet Giants Screen Tests - MOVE ALL PUPPETS TO LAKE WORTH LOCATION

11-2/Mo - Studio Clean Up/Returns - 12 to 6 PM

LAKE WORTH WORKSHOPS - 6:30-9:30 PM Tuesdays
In Palm Beach County, Contact Anderson at, 561-294-1702.

9-22/Tu - Painted Giant Sugar Skulls - Beautiful points of color designed by YOU

#6 9-29/Tu - Painted Giant Tombstones - Funnier than you'd think!
#8 10-6/Tu - Rockin' Recycled Rhythms - Halloween World Music Traditions Crafted
#10 10-13/Tu - Zombie Bridesmaid Gowns! Got a Gown in the Closet - Bring it and Trash it!
#12 10-20/Tu - All Souls Angel Wings - Kids n' Parents Workshop!

10-27/Tu - Full PUPPET Cast Dress Rehearsal 7-10 PM

10-29/Th - Full PUPPET Cast Dress Rehearsal 7-10 PM

#16 10-30/Fr - Parade
4PM Call
6PM Parade
9 PM- Load Out/Clean Up

Please drop off clean items at Trash to Treasure. Contact,
Many - Many Gallons White Glue (Although every
bit will help)

Few Reams Heavy Brown Paper/Kraft Paper
Large pieces (at least 2 yards each piece) Lightweight Fabric - Especially Black and White
Cloth - Any Size
Black Latex Paint
White Latex Paint
Misc Latex Paint
Misc Trims and Decorative Pieces
2"-10" Poly Foam - Clean
Rolls of paper tape
Spools of wire
Bamboo poles 10' Plus

Medium Duty Large Flat Cardboard At least 3' X 2'
Heavy Duty Large Flat Cardboard At Least 4' X 3'
1"-2" PVC - 6' Plus
1/4" to 2" Aluminum Poles 3' Plus
5 Gal Plastic Buckets (Only 10 Needed)
Rolls of Aluminum Foil

Heavy Duty Plier styled cardboard Staplers with Staples
Paint Brushes
Spray Paint Cans Misc Colors
Many Pounds Plastilina Clay (Oil Based) (May be borrowed)
- Pretty Sharp
ANY Battery Operated Lighting
Paper Lanterns Any size
Misc. Oversized Inflatables - Especially Beach Balls
1 beaten up Garbage Can on Wheels (Must be fairly Clean but can be damaged)
Rubber Body Parts
Flag carrier belts/Fishing Pole Belts
Lightweight Flag Poles
Backpack frames with shoulder straps (waist belt too)
Giant Feathers 16 inches of longer
Witch Hats! Halloween & Costume Hats!
Black/Red/Purple Umbrellas - Slightly damaged okay
At least one 3 wheeled adult trike - rides fine but doesn't have to look pretty
Radio Flier Wagons - Working but same as trike
Feather Boas.
6' -10'+ Children's plastic hard sided
swimming pool (can be cracked)
FRIENDS who are stilt walkers and would like
to volunteer for a parade!

Special Thanks to: Trash to Treasure, Puppet Network LLC, Puppet Guild of South Florida, Flagler 500 LLC, FAT ARTS Village - Fort Lauderdale, The Lake Worth Rum Shack, Cheney Brothers, Florida Dance Conservatory, BUZZ 103.1, Paws on the Avenue, SUNNY 104.3, Hire Level Designs, The Downtown Jewel Neighborhood Association, The City of Lake Worth - Florida, The Downtown Cultural Alliance Lake Worth, Florida Ghost Team, Many More and all of our volunteers!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing the Game of Life-New Member

Trash to Treasure is proud to welcome Early Childhood Quality Consultants as a group membership.

ECQC is located in Miami Beach and is doing meaningful work throughout Dade County.

They are a perfect partner for T2T. They recognize the importance that art plays in all aspects of life. Here is a description from their web site.

ECQC’s primary program, “Playing the Game of Life®,” is a social skills-infused arts based program that teaches children not just social skills, but life-long skills. ECQC is a pioneer in developing quality alternative and holistic programming.

They even have a great web site name:

Welcome Aboard!!