Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look for Repreve Yarns

I recently bought a pair of Sears' private label Covington pants made with 100% recycled content polyester yarns.  The pants have 17% recycled-content including buttons with about 50% recycled content.

Repreve provides yarn for many manufactures that use recycled content.  Look for it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

XS Project at Zen of Scrap

We have stocked some items in Zen of Scrap from the XS Project.  These products are made by "trash pickers"  in Indonesia.  They turn discarded single use flexible packaging into incredibley durable accessories.  Each item comes with a tag on the outside stating it was created by Indonesian trash pickers.

Check out these items and more at Zen of Scrap located inside Trash to Treasure.

Also, we still have Christmas decorations.  Don't go to the store.  Reuse with T2T.

Need a last minute gift?  How about a Trash to Treasure/Zen of Scrap gift card?  They are good for memberships, workshops and Zen of Scrap.  Stop by the store or go online.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beerfest Recycling Estimates

Another great Beerfest. Thanks to the Tribune for working with us to make it a green event.

Here's an estimate on the recycling:

Glass, Aluminum, and Plastic:      6,000 pounds
Cardboard:                                    3,000 pounds
Garbage:                                       2,000 pounds

That's 80% waste diversion.  Plus, we got a lot of bottle caps for the Center.

A special thanks to all the vendors who complied with the program.

Great job by Brian Turk, Sarah Goff, MaryBeth Burton, Cheryl Miller, Vicki Eckels, Alan Gavazzi, Casey Eckels, Brian Rosen, and Mike Heimbach.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

T2T Gift Cards Now Available

zen of scrap giftcard

Awesome Holiday Gift Idea!
Giftcards are now available for purchase online!

Our giftcards are handmade using discarded retro computer disks. They can be used towards the Zen of Scrap Boutique, a Trash to Treasure membership, or any of the workshops we offer such as rain barrel making, jewelry making, crocheting with plastic bags or vhs tape, etc.
Our giftcards are the perfect gift for every occasion...especially the fashionista or the environmentalist in your life. They will love it!
Available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 denominations.
$10 giftcard

$25 giftcard

$50 giftcard

$100 giftcard

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