Monday, May 30, 2016

Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center Closing by June 30, 2016

JUNE 30, 2016

NEW Center Hours Monday-Friday 2-7, Saturday 10-5:30
Everything Must Go including Shelving and Displays
WED June 1 ~ WED June 8
Open to the Public June 9
$1 Per Pound for Non Members (excluding shelving and furniture)

In the late 90's, a group of local solid waste and recycling professionals, inspired by the work of Dr. Walter Drew,  thought it would be a great idea if Broward County or the School Board would support a Creative Reuse Center to reduce waste, provide supplies for teachers, and foster creativity in students.  No, really, we thought one of those unimaginative colossal bureaucracies might show some interest and do something right.  Of course, they didn't.

So, we talked about opening up a Center independently.  Actually, we talked about it a lot because Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center did not open until 2007 in a hot warehouse by the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.  

All that time allowed us to do our homework.  If just 3% of the teachers in the Broward County School System got annual memberships, we would break even.  Then with other memberships (private and charter schools, artists, preschools, home schoolers, summer camps, and the general public), workshops, grants, and events, we could pay a part-time salary or two, at least to start off.

It never happened.  

It's not like we didn't try.  We got grants for a membership for a teacher at every public elementary school and then later one for "D" and "F" schools.  Few took us up on the free resource and fewer ever renewed their membership.  The fact the schools were removing art teachers and were only interested in teaching to standardized tests just doesn't help an organization interested in supporting art and developing critical thinking.  

We also put on some great events like Broward College Sustainability Days, and the International Day of Climate Action (  We partnered with Tribune Publishing to recycle more than 80% of the waste at their Beerfests.  Our Trash2Art exhibits were groundbreaking in south Florida for artist that work in repurposed materials.  Now virtually every exhibit features artists that work in reclaimed and recycled materials.

One of our Biggest Events was the International Day of Climate Action.  

Our Iconic Trash2Art events were Held in Numerous Locations 
We Recycled A Lot of Beer Bottles and Cardboard at Beer Fests

Plus, we got some awesome grants, like the ones from the Jack Johnson's Ohana Charitable Foundation_. We were one of only four non profit groups,selected to receive the grant in the entire South Florida area and the Switzerland based Blue Door Foundation, who sought us out, impressed with our tireless dedication and volunteer run organization.

Yes, that Jack Johnson.

We also tried to create synergy in our neighborhood.  For awhile, we had a Thrift Store.  We rented space for workshops and subleased other space to our friends, creative puppeteer Dave Goboff and multi media artist and former board member George Gadson.  Workshop attendance was pathetic but hanging out with Dave and George was awesome.

George Gadson Studios was next to T2T at Both Locations.  Good Neighbor, Great Artist.

The good news is that these activities and grants helped us stay open.  Most years, we more or less broke even.  Funny thing, when you start an organization, you figure you will make money or run out of money.  Nobody really thinks about treading water year after year.

About four years ago, we started to discuss the Center's sustainability.  Our membership was stagnant.  We started to feel that it was not enough to justify continuing.

Instead, we decided to search for a new home.  We were delighted that ArtServe actively recruited us. We would be close to artist and events.  We had AIR CONDITIONING!  We were really excited about the possibilities.  What could go wrong?

Apparently a lot.  Membership declined and in 2015. We lost over $3,000.  Increasingly, critical as donations are, we were drowning in fine materials that had few shoppers. This is a reflection of a ultra consuming culture that feels guilty about waste but does little to redirect its shopping behavior to sustainably purchase gently used items. At a recent ArtServe art exhibit intake, with our sign in the gallery, only one artist came into the Center ...only to talk about donating material.  There is a never ending roof project just outside our back door, which has made it confusing and difficult for old visitors and new, to access us.

Directors are tired and want to do other things.

There aren't a lot of options.  We don't want to go back to a hot warehouse.  Rents are increasing.  So, we looked at the signs and are deciding to call it a day.

THANK YOU to members of the Board over the years.  You have been a working board- running the center operations as well as the background tasks to keep us alive, right to the very end. You know who you are and how dear you are to us. Although,  we never made it "rain", you embraced the  "pirate" perspective that allowed us to be an independent, "do what we want" organization, that did not have to answer to the limited vision of bureaucrats.  We could be innovative and try new things, some worked, some failed, but nothing stopped us from trying. We were always a kid, animal, and alcohol friendly organization no matter how dangerous that might seem.

Gracie Guards the Center

We are thrilled that former volunteer and later board member Sarah Goff started the thriving Repurpose Project in Gainesville, so in some way our legacy continues with her.

THANK YOU to the many businesses and individuals provided us with wonderful donations that made a difference to our members.  It was particularly heart felt was when someone brought in a deceased loved one's art and craft supplies and simple treasures made vintage with  time, and the ones that took the time to sort, clean, and box like items together making our life so much simpler. The wonderful businesses supporting us felt better knowing their interesting, provocative and often beautiful left over items, were going to people that needed them.

We won't miss the donors with labor intensive continual donations that seemed to be more therapy for the giver than useful to us and the struggle to make it known generally that we needed monetary donations as much as stuff to survive.   We also won't miss the phrase "I'm sure some artist can do something with this" when we look at a donation with a raised eyebrow. Seriously, animal hair, cigarette smelling, dirty rags are not something people want. 

THANK YOU to our awesome volunteers.  We provided countless hours of community service opportunities and got some good benefits too. Too many to mention but you were the backbone of the organization. Those who came regularly and knew what needed to be done were priceless. To the Volunteers Captains, taking leadership roles, your devotion to us was inspirational.  You are the best and we feel you are like family.

And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU  to the members who have been with us for years.  You became not just our customers but our friends.  Your ideas made us better. Your appreciation, enthusiasm and excitement were the reason we kept going. Knowing that we have made a difference in the wonderful things YOU DO for our community made all this worthwhile.  It is you that makes this decision difficult.

As this community matures, and there are more and more people with the consciousness like those of you that have sustained us over the years, someone will try this again, and it will "catch", because there will be finally be a larger community that demands alternatives to mindless consumption and careless waste. Every community needs a place like this, remember what you have learned and use it every day. We will too. 

We know we will see some of you around as we now have more time to participate in our community and attend your events and activities.  

Good Luck and May the Force Be With Us All,
Trash to Treasure Creative ReUse Center, 2007-2016

now just sit back, listen  and remember the good times.......

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

EcoArt Film Fest Schedule May 26-28.

The film fest is at ArtServe, 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd. Our documentaries focus on the water crisis and issues facing our right to clean, safe water.

Check out the art exhibit at the ArtServe gallery.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, May 6, 2016

All Hands on Deck Update 05/03/2016

We have completed most of the first side.  Work continues on the second side.
This Side is Almost Complete
Casey Created Hands Reaching for Each Other

The Second Side is Well on Its Way
We still have work to be done.  Check out the flyer below to see how you can help!  Just two weeks left.

We are talking to organizations looking to permanently place our art.

Thanks to the Pompano Beach Public Art Committee for voting to place the boat at the City's Harbor's Edge Park (Casey's favorite).  Still, it is contingent on Legal and City Commission decisions so we are keeping our options open.

If you know of place that might be interested, contact us and let us know of your idea.

All Hands on Deck is part of our Eco Water Film Festival and WaterWorks Art Exhibition.

For past updates, click here.