Saturday, December 11, 2010

Partner with Trash to Treasure-Office/Workshop/Studio Space Available

1300 sq feet of office/warehouse space available NOW next door to T2T.

Would you like to have studio/office/creative/space for $200-$500 a month, with a month to month lease?

You would be partnering with Trash to Treasure who needs to secure ADDITIONAL space for workshops, open studio, and meeting space for members.

CONTACT ME immediately, looking for 1-2 partners.

Casey K. Eckels
South Florida Reuse and Recycling Institute
Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center

o: 888-828-8242 x 701
c: 954.655.9662

Friday, December 3, 2010

TINY TREASURES~ A Great Green Holiday Idea!

Need a stocking stuffer? A clever gift? A gift that teaches, is fun, but is inexpensive? Check out T2T's latest brainchild, TINY TREASURES.
Designed to stimulate imaginative play while teaching the value of resources and appreciating what is in our “own backyard”, Tiny Treasures also helps parents and educators discover simple ways to support excellent skill development and environmental awareness in kids.

From the tiniest piece of scrap ribbon to rethinking play with recognizable toy pieces, Tiny Treasures ideally engages kids ages 5 to 12 years. Make a 3-d picture, a mobile, build a bridge, a tower, a mini world, explore textures and colors together, or make up your own story. Adults can use TINY TRESURES to play and teach younger children basic shapes, colors, contrasts ~ light/dark, rough/smooth , hard/soft etc.~ , sorting, and storytelling.

Each treasure tube is unique and comes with a parent guide. Kits challenge kids to create without scissors and glue helping to develop problem-solving skills. Or go ahead and add scissors, glue, colors and create a more permanent masterpiece. Just remind your young Picasso/O’Keefe/Einstein to look in the world around them for new “scappy” treasures to add to their tube.

You will want to play along, but hey, remember to give the kid some space…at these prices, you can buy your own tube!

1 Tube $3

3 or more, $2 each

Caution! May contain small pieces, please chose age appropriate Tubes and use adult supervision when necessary.

ALSO check out CD&Marbles Spinning Tops….just $1! You have never seen a top spin so long and gracefully.