Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Simple No Cost Ways to Raise Money for Trash to Treasure

Our partners at Goodsearch have added more ways to help Trash to Treasure raise money at no cost to you in addition to the ways we have already mentioned here.

Play video games for free here and T2T gets a penny or two.  A great way to keep the kids occumpied on that summer vacation and help our all volunteer nonprofit.  Click here.

We know with the DVR and downloads you miss those old fashion tv ads.  Visit Goodtvads and you just might find a product you are interested in.

Corporations and organizations want to know your opinion.  When you take a survey with Goodsurvey a donation is made to Trash to Treasure.

Is is similar to Goodshop but the coupons and savings are right up front.  When you take advantage of the offers, a donation is made to T2T.


Who doesn't use the internet to book travel?  With all the popular travel web sites, Goodtravel donates a portion of your travel costs back to T2T with no additional cost to you.  Check it out next time you travel.

Our small all-volunteer organization gets only 1/3 of its operational budget from memberships.  The rest comes from donations and earned income outside of the Center.  Your help makes a difference.

Remember to make Trash to Treasure your selected charity.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Event for International Surfing Day, 6/20

From Chelsea Wilder, Surfrider Foundation, "Our next event is this Thursday (June 20) at the Oar House restaurant in Pompano Beach.

It is International Surfing Day and we'll be debuting a new surf movie (outside on a blowup screen!) by Garrett McNamara as well as paddle boarding around the canals a bit and raffling off some cool gear!"

Hands Across the Sands, 5/18

According to Chelsea Wilder of the Surfrider Foundation, "We had roughly 100 people going hands for the event. That consisted of Surfrider members as well as Sierra club members, Mira USA members and people from the beach. Many people came down to the waters edge as we were joining hands simply to join with us! It was a very successful and uplifting event to see so many people come out and support the cause to protect our oceans!"
For more information about Surfrider Foundation in Broward, see

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dark Blue Recycled Linen Yarn

 Yes, it says "Recycled Linen Yarn"

The "Darn Good Yarn" explains the process this way on their website. 

"Ever wonder what happens to excess scraps of material when garments are made? Well, in Darn Good Yarn's case, we spature and turn them into yarn! This yarn is made from reclaimed linen material and is handspun and hand-dyed by a fair trade, family operated co-op in India. Each skein is 100g with 43 yards. Dry Clean Only (if you wash it you could possibly shrink the fabric!)
Did you know that with your help, Darn Good Yarn has saved over 10,000 pounds of waste from landfills by turning it into yarn like this. Not only that, the sale of this product helps the many women that create these yarns. So, you can feel great about making a unique project and helping save the world with me!"
The site also features
other types of reclaimed/recycled yarns and fair trade as well.
See for more information.

Do you know about the Kids Ecology Corp?

Kids Ecology Corp


  • Through interactive programs, we explore current environmental issues and
    teach young people to care for the world around them.

Promoting Action

  • Through “Eco-Action Projects” young people become involved and learn
    through experience while making a positive environmental impact.

Encouraging leadership

  • Young people become leaders and environmental stewards, and influence others to do the same. Programs are designed to inspire young people to become involved in their communities.


Involving the community

  • We train volunteers in our community to become Eco-Presenters. We provide them
    the opportunity to share their passion and knowledge about the environment
    and engage youth in schools, parks, and similar locations throughout South
      • For more information, see .


                      Wednesday, June 5, 2013

                      Looking for a good cup of coffee or tea?

                      Looking for a good cup of coffee or tea? Stumbled upon this place this week and loved it. Not only is the coffee organic, but it is shade grown and free trade. If you're in Sunrise or Davie, check out Senor Coffee.

                      See for more details.

                      According to the Senor Coffee website, "Our coffee is grown in the fertile forest, underneath the shade of tropical trees in the mountains of Colombia. Our eco-friendly coffee is grown with out the use of any harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides that affect the environment and the coffee drinker. All our coffee comes from the same region in Colombia to ensuring its quality, taste and freshness day,"

                      EarthDance Global Peace Party

                       An Invitation from Controlled Chaos Productions

                      Bre Miller has sent us the following invitation.

                      "We are throwing the only official EarthDance Global Peace Party in Florida this year, EarthDance Lakeland 2013.

                      We have been hosting EarthDance festivals in Florida since 2009 . Our official EarthDance home, since 2011, is the beautiful Maddox Ranch in Lakeland Florida. Electronic dance music and DJs are the foundation of our Earthdance events, but the music and performance genres represented are as diverse as the participants.  . . . In addition to the music we also offer free interactive workshops on a wide variety of topics. There really is something for everyone at EarthDance Lakeland 2013.

                      The 2013 Global EarthDance theme is community. Controlled Chaos Productions and EarthDance Lakeland 2013 have chosen Habitat for Humanity of South Sarasota County, as our community charity partner. We have partnered with them to promote their organization, featuring them at our event and donating 50% of our event profits to support their work. With your help, we look forward to being able to make a generous donation to them and all their community efforts after our successful event. We also donate one dollar from every ticket sold to EarthDance Global 501(c)(3)."

                      See for more information.