Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wow Winter Yard Sale, Saturday December 5, 8 AM - 5 PM

Winter Wow Yard Sale, Saturday December 3, 8 AM - 5 PM.  We are emptying our storage space and bringing out our Zen Scrap best for a yard sale outside our back door.  

Come by for your repurposed holiday gift.
Weather permitting.  Check our Facebook page for updates.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trash to Treasure Open During unWrapped Reception, Thursday, December 17, 6-8

We will be open during the unWrapped Reception on Thursday, December 17, 6-8 PM. unWRAPPED is ArtServe’s annual holiday member showcase.  The show is specifically designed for ArtServe members to sell art work for the holiday season. 

So come on by, pick out a special gift this season and they head over to Center for wrapping or the materials to make your own unique gift.

No donations will be accepted during these hours.

Trash to Treasure Open During "Breaking the Rules" Reception, December 3, 6-8 PM

T2T Open During Reception. We will be open during 2+3 the Artists Organization reception on Thursday, December 3 from 6 - 8 PM.  Stop by to see the exhibit and visit the Center to access materials.  No material donations will be accepted during the reception.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trash 2 Treasure Creative Reuse Center is Honored at Broward’s Everyday Green Expo

Trash 2 Treasure Creative Reuse Center is Honored at Broward’s Everyday Green Expo

Broward County’s innovative Trash 2 Treasure, a non-profit promoting creative reuse and recycling, receives the Green Leader Award for its contribution to the county’s environmental mission.

Deerfield Beach, FL, November 14, 2015 – Broward County’s Everyday Green Expo, held in Quiet Waters Park, was a community event promoting all things eco-friendly. The event featured environmental exhibitions and education, eco-themed raffles, “green” giveaways, a recycling drop-off, a Florida-friendly landscaping tent, and much more. Trash 2 Treasure (T2T), a creative reuse and recycling center, was both an exhibitor and an honoree. T2T received a Green Leader Award, recognizing its important contribution to the county’s environmental initiatives, namely “inspiring communities to close the recycling loop.”
Located at Art Serve, 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, T2T’s mission is to locate clean, reusable materials and redistribute them as valuable educational and artistic resources. Leona McAndrews, a T2T Volunteer, was thrilled to be a part of Saturday’s event. "We are honored at T2T to be a part of the Everyday Green Expo.  It is a wonderful way for environmental and other groups to get together. The organizers from Broward County Parks and Recreation, Katie Hendrickson and Peter White, do a great job of putting the event together."
For more information about T2T, see their Facebook page: ( or call Nanette Saylor at 1-888-828-8242 to find out about sponsorship opportunities.

Consider Trash to Treasure this Giving Season

This and every holiday season you are bombarded by nonprofits conducting very important work around the world.

People give about 24% of their annual contributions between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Check out facts and figures about giving here.

At Trash to Treasure, only about 1/3 of the revenue necessary to keep our doors open comes from the Center's operations.  We are dependent on workshops, events, and donations from the public to make up the rest.

So, there is a lot of competition out there with each nonprofit putting its own spin on why you should contribute to them.  As an organization organization dedicated to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, we would like to share with you what we won't do for you with your donation to our 501 (c) 3 nonprofit:

1.  No mailing labels with pleas for money inside.  Who mails anything anymore anyway?
2.  No sad pictures of students or teachers using materials made in China and bought at the store.  Too graphic!

3.  No paper calendars with monthly reminder to contribute.  Computers, Smart phones, anybody?

4.  No lengthy thank you letter in the mail.  A short email (to save paper and postage) is all our small all-volunteer organization can muster. 

5.  No repeated pleas about how dependent we are on you for survival.  You know who we are, what we do, what you want to do.

6.  No fake campaigns about the world falling apart if you don't contribute.  The world is falling apart either way.
 If you are ready to give, here is a link to do it online or mail a check to:

 Trash to Treasure
1350 East Sunrise Blvd., #120  
Fort Lauderdale 33304

Or stop by the Center, to drop of check or cold hard cash.


FAU Day of Service 2015

Trash to Treasure once again teamed with the Weppner Center at Florida Atlantic University for their FAU Day of Service.  Students came out to help us complete some tasks to help our all-volunteer organization.

T2T's Board has alumni and is always eager to participate in activities with the College.

We were impressed when some students took it upon themselves to gather some money to buy some of the homeless around the Center some food.  When the students were in line at Publix, the person in front of them paid for the food they were purchasing.  As they were crossing the street, they saw them man and told him why they were purchasing the food.  Pay it forward!

Orientation with Casey. 

Cutting Wire for Scrap Sales

Sorting Fabric

Here is what Angela Baugher, Assistant Director of the FAU Weppner Center for LEAD & Service-Learning said about the students experience:

The students really enjoyed serving with you!  One student shared how you provided them money to buy a homeless man lunch.  They were blown away by your giving and kindness.  They shared it was their best service experience to date and this student has served with us many times in the past.  Thank you for being a true example of what service is to our students and for going out of your way to work with us even though you were getting a roof!  I hope to partner with Trash to Treasure again in the future!

Trash to Treasure is always in need of volunteers.  It can be one person or a whole group. Your task can be simple or complex.  It is up to you.   Do you have a special skill?  We can probably use it.

Let us know.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

GoodShop to Benenfit Trash to Treasure

This holiday season don't just shop online.  Goodshop to benenfit Trash to Treasure.

Goodshop is an online shopping mall that donates a percent of your purchase price to Trash to Treasure when you shop at one of 3,000+ partner stores including top retailers like Amazon (1.5% donation), Expedia (up to 5% donation), and Staples (2.5% donation). You can also find 25,000+ active discounts and money-saving coupons so you can save money and give back at the same time!

When you sign up to use Goodshop, select Trash to Treasure as your charity, and click on the shop button or on a coupon, or deal, Goodshop is  given a referral fee which they split 50/50 with the cause you’ve chosen.

Goodshop members have raised millions of dollars for causes through the simple act of shopping online with Goodshop.

The costs of goods are the same as when you enter the sites directly.   So whether you are shopping for gifts or buying for everyday use, consider Goodshop for your needs as an easy no-cost way to benefit Trash to Treasure.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TerraCycle Update 11/2015

The items taken by TerraCycle are dependent on corporate sponsorship.  As such, the items accepted will change from time to time.  See below for the latest flyer:

Some previously popular items are no longer accepted:

  • Dairy items such as yogurt containers and cheese packaging
  • Candy wrappers
  • Cookie wrappers
  • Flexible coffee containers

Rigid plastic such as yogurt containers can go in your recycling cart.

Trash to Treasure is proud to work with the Broward College TerraCycle program.  Funds raised through the program to go support an Environmental Science scholarship.  Additionally, the program collects wires which are given to T2T for fund raising.  A great partnership!

Thanks for your support.

OXXO Charity of the Month, Wilton Manors' Art Walk, November 21, 2015

Join us on November 21 at OXXO Cleaners  2180 Wilton Drive for an evening of repurposing clothing into art.  Trash to Treasure in OXXO charity of the month.  Thanks for your support.  Check out the flyer below:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Fright Night-Wednesday, October 28, 5-9PM

Fright Night
Trash to Treasure will be open on Wednesday, October 28 from 5-9 PM.  The night will be dedicated to costume making.  Either get started or finish off your costume with a few repurposed accessories.

We will have a sewing machine available for use.  Our creative staff will be there to provide ideas.  Also, our Zen of Scrap boutique has lots of costume materials for sale.

So, don't be seduced by cheap costume made in China.  Scary!......Use your creative skills to re-imagine an old costume or find materials to create a new one.

See you there.

Note:  Trash to Treasure will be closed Saturday, October 31.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ofrenda Workshops 2015: Thursday September 24, 6-9 PM and Saturday September 26, 10am-1 PM

and Florida Day of the Dead Presents

Day of the Dead 2015~OFRENDA WORKSHOPS
Offrendas are an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebrations. The word ofrenda means offering in Spanish. They are similar to traditional altars. Ofrendas are a way to honor the memory of loved ones that have passed away. These cultural spaces are decorated with pictures, items that recall the loved one, fruit, flowers, candles, and embellishments.

Before beginning our creative work, a presentation about the spiritual and symbolic meaning of Ofrendas will be presented by Curators from the Florida Day of the Dead celebration, Tara Chadwick, Luis Rodriguez and Jim Hammond. You will also have the opportunity to have your ofrenda on display at the
Fort Lauderdale Historical Museum for the month long Ofrenda Exhibition from October 4th through November 2nd on the Day of the Dead.

This workshop is designed for adults and children 6 to 18.


Thursday, Sept 24
Art Serve
1350 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, Sept 26
10 am~1pm
Arts Bunker
2034 W. Dixie Hwy
Wilton Manors

Trash to Treasure (T2T) Members $15; Children of T2T Members FREE

NON T2T members $20; Each child $5

A variety of materials and tools will be provided at the workshop.
However, participants are encouraged to bring special photos, mementos, images, symbolic items, etc. to personalize your ofrenda.
Also, T2T members and NON members are encouraged to visit Trash to Treasure in advance of workshop and explore and shop the huge variety of creative materials you may want to include in your ofrenda...
MEMBERS shop for FREE. NON members: $1/lb.

Space is limited.
Please call CARLINE at 754.244.8400
by Sept. 23, 2015 with any
questions and to RESERVE your space(s) with your payment.  Or pay on line:

T2T Member
NON T2T Member
NON T2T Member (Child)

Like” us on Facebook at

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roof Construction at Trash to Treasure: Limited Ability to Accept Donation

Roof Construction. Construction crews are working on the ArtServe roof.  As such, the donation area in the back is entirely blocked and will be for some time.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Unless your donation is no more than a grocery bag, we encourage you to hold on to your donation until construction is complete. 

Access to the Center can be made through ArtServe's front door. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Limited Hours Saturday, July 25 Due to Red Eye Reception

Saturday July 25:  T2T Open 10a-2p and 6p-10p. Due to logistics related to the Red Eye reception, we only be open from 10-2 this Saturday.  However, we will be open during the reception. Only reception attendees will have access to the Center during that time. Visit: for more information.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Styrofoam Recycling Drop off Returns to the Plastic Factory, 841 NW 57 Place, Fort Lauderdale.

Styrofoam Recycling Returns. It's not easy being cutting edge.  South Florida's only open to the public Styrofoam recycling facility has returned.

Our friends over at the Plastic Factory have reopened in a new location in Fort Lauderdale to accept your Styrofoam and other plastics.  
Here are the details:

Location:  841 NW 57 Place, Fort Lauderdale
Hours: Monday-Friday 9-3
Phone:  954-870-5356

In addition to all your Styrofoam, the Plastic Factory accepts large plastic items like garbage cans and storage containers as well as children's toys.

 Many of you have been inquiring about the return of this asset to the community.  The location is not far from our old warehouse.

The Plastic Factory  has been a great friend to Trash to Treasure over the years. Keep up the great work. Like them on Facebook to get the latest info.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Soda Bottle Mosquito Trap test

Always looking to reuse and avoid toxic chemical, we gave the soda bottle mosquito trap a try.

Here is the concept. Sugar and yeast combine together to attract mosquitoes.  The yeast creates carbon dioxide, the same gas we exhale, to attract the mosquito to bottle.  The mosquito flies down and gets trapped based on the design.

So here is our experience:

Some instructions state to cut the bottle in half but cutting the bottle at the taper is better because you don't want to put to much water into the bottle.  The mosquitoes won't be able to fly in.  Also, mosquitoes are present when it rains.  If you trap is outside and unsheltered it will fill with water rendering it useless.

We wrapped black tape on the bottle because mosquitoes are attracted to black, dark places.

The instructions tell you to place the trap away from where you normally spend time.  Otherwise you are attracting mosquitoes to where you are.  But for this test we placed the trap in a storage room that for some reason has tons of mosquitoes almost all year around.

After a couple of weeks, I emptied the trap into a clear plastic container to see what happened.

So, there are a few mosquito bodies floating around.  But not enough to consider this a success in any way.  Worse, a bee was in there too and that's bad.

Conclusion, this does not work well enough to waste your time.  Have you tried this?  Let us know how it went for you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale Reusable Bag Exchange Sunday, April 19, 2015, noon-3pm

Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale has been a great supporter of Trash to Treasure.  This Sunday, turn in your old reusable shopping bags for a Whole Foods Better Bag.  It is made from 80% recycled content.

The reusable bags you turn in will be washed and donated to T2T for use at the Center.

Here is Whole Foods' release:

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Recyclable Bag Exchange, noon-3pm 
FREE at our store entrance
Bring your old reusable bags and we will exchange them for new Better Bags at Whole Foods Market® Fort Lauderdale. Limit 5 Better Bags per household. We’ll clean the bags and then donate them to Trash 2 Treasure, a local non-profit that has a mission to locate clean, re-usable materials and redistribute these items as valuable educational and artistic resources. Whole Foods Market® Fort Lauderdale is located at 

See you there.

Recyclable Bag Exchange

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Recyclable Bag Exchange, noon-3 pm 

Bring your old reusable bags and they will exchange them for new Better Bags at Whole Foods Market® Fort Lauderdale. Limit 5 Better Bags per household. They’ll clean the bags and then donate them to Trash 2 Treasure, a local non-profit that has a mission to locate clean, re-usable materials and redistribute these items as valuable educational and artistic resources. Whole Foods Market® Fort Lauderdale is located at 2000 N. Federal Highway.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Overstock Selective Frequency Resonance Subtle Energy Wearable Technology Bracelets Available


iRenew Bracelets We have access to an overstock of iRenew braclets.  We can't vouch for the effectiveness of the this technology and its ability to "Promote Strength, Balance and Endurance."  However, we think they can be part of great repurpose project.  They retail at $20 or more.  They are made of silicone and stainless steel. 

 Email if you are interested in picking some up and how many.  We'll get what we can for our members.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Piecing Together a Changing Planet, Biscayne National Park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center Gallery, through Feb 27, 2015

Check out this incredible exhibit at Biscayne National Park.

Here is a link to the web site.

T2T Member, and Park Service employee,  Gary Bremen has this to say about the exhibit:

If you think you know what "quilting" is, think again. A lot of people are missing this show because they think it is grandma's bed coverings! It is really extraordinary.

Here are links to media coverage:

Local 10
Arts South Florida
Miami Herald

Check out this great show and enjoy Biscayne National Park while you are there.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

350 South Florida Seeks Feedback from the Community

What should 350 South Florida accomplish locally in 2015? The elected Executive Committee is meeting Sunday, and we'd appreciate your input. Email us at or post on Facebook.

In January 2014, 350 South Florida had a productive Kickstart planning retreat to choose our priorities. Now we'd like to collect your thoughts for 2015 as the Executive puts new wheels in motion (with elections coming again soon). Last year we choose 4 areas:

1. Earth Day Collaboration: join other groups and events to support climate change awareness
2. Divestment: form a committee and use’s national Fossil Free campaign
3. Local Officials: form a committee to research topics and create a sustainability checklist to distribute, with a focus on local plans and infrastructure
4. Awareness: All activities, with a focus on sea level rise

We can revisit these topics and build upon our successes in 2014 (see

What would you like to do with us?
350 South Florida collects email addresses in person and online to connect our community.

Our mailing address is:
350 South Florida
536 NE 128th St
North Miami, FL 33161

Forward email to a friend: