Sunday, May 10, 2009

Valley Forge Fabrics wins Emerald Award

Congratulations to Valley Forge Fabrics recent winner of Broward County's Emerald Award in the Green Products/Practices or Programs category. Valley Forge donated over 10 tons materials to schools, churches, and reuse centers including Trash to Treasure last year. One of its many green practices.

Valley Forge is the largest producer of decorative fabrics for the hospitality industry. All fabrics sold by Valley Forge are designed for use in the hospitality and commercial industry.

As part of their sustainability initiative, they created a line of fabrics
called FRESH – Fabrics Redefining Environmental Standards for
Hospitality. FRESH products are made from 100 percent post-consumer
recycled polyester – from PET plastic beverage bottles. Some of the materials donated to T2T include the FRESH product line and can serve as a sample of what can be produced from everyday recycling.

The recycled content material costs more to produce but Valley Forge has chosen to accept lower margins to ensure that this product is competitive in the market.

Valley Forge is one of the companies in south Florida making a difference and we are glad at T2T to work with them.

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