Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Halloween 2010

We know that over-consumption is reeeeeallly it may seem appropriate to go to a big box store and buy cheaply made costumes from China that you can throw away after one use.

But, the truth of the matter is Halloween is supposed to be fake scary, not real scary. For example, people dress up as Zombies and Goblins, they don't really become them.

Come visit Trash to Treasure to Green Your Halloween. Green Halloween means making your Halloween a more environmentally friendly holiday. Buying used eliminates all the waste(raw materials, water, and energy) that goes into the production and transportation of new goods. At Trash to Treasure we have tons of amazing Halloween supplies including makeup still in its packaging. We can help you with costume ideas too! Get all of your costume materials at T2T and make this Halloween a green one!


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  1. Trash to Treasure will be doing "Imagi-crafting" with reuse materials at the Museum of Modern Art on Sat oct 30.