Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Nukes Swing Release Party August 7 at Radio Active Records

Trash to Treasure friend Laura Sue, the Silver Nightingale, is releasing her single the "No Nukes Swing"

Press Release for the event:

July 2011

Dear Friends, Fans, Family and Members of the Press,

Please join me for a special afternoon of music, poetry and environmental info at my "No Nukes Swing" Release Party - Sunday, August 7, 2011 from 2 - 5 PM.

Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale is living up to its name, and hosting the Release Party for "No Nukes Swing". One might call it an Atomic Release Party! "No Nukes Swing" is my folk-rock anthem calling for an end to the use of nuclear power and weapons around the world, The "No Nukes Swing" Release Party is scheduled in conjunction with the 66th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Performers joining me at the Release Party will include my great musician friends Teri Catlin, Ramon Justicia, Felicia Rose, Jim Ryan, Jon Singer, and Special Guests. Poetry will be performed by Lenny DellaRocca, myself and more. Musical offerings will be diverse, including rock, jazz, world, new age, classical and blues genres, and originals by the artists.

This is a free event, open to all ages, and is a benefit for NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service - www.nirs.org) - one of the many great environmental groups I support. All donations collected at the Release Party will go to NIRS to further their important work; information about NIRS and other environmental groups will be available at the Release Party.

Why release this previously-unreleased song now? Because we are living in seriously wacky times! As a result of the Fukushima disaster, we've got radioactive beef on the market in Japan, and radioactive organic vegetables in California; meanwhile goats' milk in Connecticut is radioactive from Indian Point Nuclear Plant. It's hard to believe that utility companies are still saying that nuclear power is safe and clean! But with huge profits to be made, what have they got to lose by lying? What we ALL have to lose is our health, and possibly the future of life on earth. With so much at stake, it's the perfect time for 'No Nukes Swing'!"

"No Nukes Swing" is a lighthearted sing-along, which explores the issues of nuclear plants, proliferation and bombs, with the catchy refrain: "No Nukes in my coffee, No Nukes in my tea, No Nukes in my backyard, That's just a little too close for me!"

I composed "No Nukes Swing" in 1978, and the song has been performed countless times by myself and many other musicians, and even a choir, around the country at nuclear plants, demonstrations, concerts and festivals. "No Nukes Swing" is part of the "Solar Power Suite", which also includes my original "Salute to the Sun", from my CD "Sarabande - Solo Flute Meditations".

I started performing "No Nukes Swing" more actively again in 2006, when I learned that FPL, Progress Energy and other utilities were actively trying to build new nuclear plants in Florida and around the country, after several decades of no new nuclear construction following the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.

At the same time, I created the Nuclear Free Zone on my website: http://www.SilverNightingale.com/nuclearfree.html - a large and evolving collection of information and links to organizations working on nuclear and other environmental issues. I've also been compiling a comprehensive directory of the many nuclear references in animated classic The Simpsons: http://www.SilverNightingale.com/simpsons.html

I've been following the nuclear situation at Fukushima closely since the earthquake and tsunami, greatly concerned about the devastating consequences of ongoing massive radiation releases on the Japanese people and the world. I'm encouraged to see that Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Japan are now rapidly moving towards a nuclear-free future. But since even the nuclear disaster at Fukushima has not discouraged many companies and countries (including the one I live in) from continuing to pursue nuclear power, I decided it was time to make "No Nukes Swing" available worldwide.

Beginning on August 6, 2011, "No Nukes Swing" can be downloaded at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/LauraSuetheSilverNightingale, and will be available shortly after that on iTunes and other outlets. The date August 6 was chosen to coincide with the 66th Anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

My most recent recording, a flute and chime rendition of the traditional Japanese folk song "Sakura" was released on April 26, 2011, in conjunction with the 25 Anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. I recorded "Sakura" in support for and empathy with the Japanese people, and will be performing it at the Release Party, in tribute to the victims of Hiroshima and Fukushima, past, present and future.

"No Nukes Swing" was recorded in Boston in 1981 with an all-star, all-women's band including Jean Fineberg (Laura Nyro - Season of Lights, David Bowie - Golden Years, Sister Sledge - "We are Family") on sax, Betsy Rose on piano and vocals, Barbara Dunn Shaw on guitar and vocals, Abby Shearer on guitar, Jane Rhodes on bass, Sharon McGuire on drums, and Laura Sue on vocals, flute, percussion and production. The recording was engineered by multi-instrumentalist Roma Baran (an Academy Award nominee who has produced numerous Laurie Anderson albums, as well as playing with Rosalie Sorrels and Kate McGarrigle among others) and Karen Kane.

Radio-Active Records is an active supporter of my community service work, and has donated more CDs to my hospice music and other projects over the years than all other donors combined! I'm so stoked to be holding my Release Party there!

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