Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blogging-Don't Quit Your Day Job

Ever wonder how much you can make blogging? Not much. Sure, who doesn't want to sit home in their under wear all day spouting off about their favorite topics and get paid for it?

After three and a half years of blogging, we received just over the minimum payment of $100 from the Google AdSense program. You know, those ads to the right that we probably aren't allowed to mention. Trash to Treasure generates revenue when someone clicks on them. The ads are generated based on the content of our blog and your web searches.

We don't generally break news or post controversial ideas here. Our biggest use is to link from our Facebook page so that we can provide more information than FB has room for. We also put links in our emails to different topics. Blogger is a great companion to our web site.

Our highest revenue post was the 2012 Boca Beerfest. We posted a picture of a sexy girl and linked to a wide variety of disparate FB friends. It worked.

So, don't quit your day job or even your night job but keep blogging.

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