Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ocean lover invents trash-collecting net

Carlos Macias & Enviro-Net

Original story:  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/fl-broward-enviro-paddle-board-20121228,0,635922.story

"A water-loving Floridian, Carlos Macias got tired of seeing all the trash floating around in the ocean and bays.  So he combined his favorite hobby with an environmental mission, creating a special net to dangle from his stand-up paddleboard. In a little more than a year, Macias and his device have scooped more than a ton of trash from the water.

Macias, 58, calls his device the Environet. It's a mesh net that connects along the fin of a paddleboard. Macias then ties a recyclable container to the front of the paddleboard to hold the trash the net scoops up."

Now he wants to spread the gospel of easy ocean clean up.  "While people are enjoying this popular water sport, they can also help clean up the ocean," Macias said. "We need to make picking up trash chic."

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