Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dark Blue Recycled Linen Yarn

 Yes, it says "Recycled Linen Yarn"

The "Darn Good Yarn" explains the process this way on their website. 

"Ever wonder what happens to excess scraps of material when garments are made? Well, in Darn Good Yarn's case, we spature and turn them into yarn! This yarn is made from reclaimed linen material and is handspun and hand-dyed by a fair trade, family operated co-op in India. Each skein is 100g with 43 yards. Dry Clean Only (if you wash it you could possibly shrink the fabric!)
Did you know that with your help, Darn Good Yarn has saved over 10,000 pounds of waste from landfills by turning it into yarn like this. Not only that, the sale of this product helps the many women that create these yarns. So, you can feel great about making a unique project and helping save the world with me!"
The site also features
other types of reclaimed/recycled yarns and fair trade as well.
See for more information.

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