Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips for reusing a variety of paper bags

Creative Recycling: Crafts, Activities, and Tips

Quick Crafts and Recycling Tips
Here are great tips for reusing a variety of paper bags.
  • You can cut them open and use them to wrap packages that are to be mailed (make sure the unprinted side is out).
  • You can also wrap presents using paper bags. Make sure the unprinted side is out and then decorate with paint, markers, crayons, stickers, or anything else you like.
  • Use them to protect the work surface while doing messy craft projects.
  • Make an almost-instant pinata by filling the bag with treats, decorating it with some paint and streamers, and hanging it up!
  • Cut into squares or rectangles and flatten (try a warm iron). Use as stationary or drawing paper.
  • Create heavy-duty paper airplanes.
  • Line your walkway with paper bags luminaries.
  • Large bags are great for making kites.
  • Cut out 2 eyes holes and decorate the bag to be a mask.
  • You can also cut a slit down one side, cut out a neck hole and two arm holes, and wear it as a vest.
  • Cut into long strips, fold, and cut out paper chain people, stars, hearts, etc.
  • Paper bags are great for making book covers.
  • Paper bags are also great for making pattern templates.

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