Sunday, April 26, 2015

Soda Bottle Mosquito Trap test

Always looking to reuse and avoid toxic chemical, we gave the soda bottle mosquito trap a try.

Here is the concept. Sugar and yeast combine together to attract mosquitoes.  The yeast creates carbon dioxide, the same gas we exhale, to attract the mosquito to bottle.  The mosquito flies down and gets trapped based on the design.

So here is our experience:

Some instructions state to cut the bottle in half but cutting the bottle at the taper is better because you don't want to put to much water into the bottle.  The mosquitoes won't be able to fly in.  Also, mosquitoes are present when it rains.  If you trap is outside and unsheltered it will fill with water rendering it useless.

We wrapped black tape on the bottle because mosquitoes are attracted to black, dark places.

The instructions tell you to place the trap away from where you normally spend time.  Otherwise you are attracting mosquitoes to where you are.  But for this test we placed the trap in a storage room that for some reason has tons of mosquitoes almost all year around.

After a couple of weeks, I emptied the trap into a clear plastic container to see what happened.

So, there are a few mosquito bodies floating around.  But not enough to consider this a success in any way.  Worse, a bee was in there too and that's bad.

Conclusion, this does not work well enough to waste your time.  Have you tried this?  Let us know how it went for you.

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  1. Thanks for trying out the mosquito version of this. I did the same thing for fruit flies using apple cider vinegar which was also a fail.