Saturday, July 4, 2009

Unique Perspective on Teacher Layoffs

Check out this blog on the recent teacher layoffs Broward/Palm Beach New Times investigative reporter and parent Bob Norman.

Mr. Norman's daughter attends Plantation Park Elementary. A major part of his job is investigating waste in government. He has written extensively about the school board construction department.

Declining enrollment should mean fewer teachers but should that not also apply to construction? The Business Insider also picked up on this blog and provided its own perspective.

These tough budgetary times show the need more than ever for the services provided by Trash to Treasure. Everyday materials for arts and crafts along with pens, pencils, and folders for everyday use are widely available at our Center. As budgets are being cut, our Center reduces the amount of out of pocket expenses for teachers, who no matter what the circumstances, provide for their students.

Do what you can, spread the word, donate money, or volunteer.

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