Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Southern Waste Systems provides mulch to our Community Garden

A special thanks to Southern Waste Systems (SWS) for providing mulch to our community garden. The mulch, rich in nutrients, will help establish our new garden. This mulch was made from vegetative waste collected by SWS.

Most consumers have the wrong conception about mulch. The primary purpose of mulch is to add nutrients to the soil and help with moisture retention. Too many people buy mulch based on aesthetics.

Why isn't more curbside yardwaste being used in the community? Fear and incorrect perceptions.

Perception: Mulch will have seeds and weeds that will affect the yard's plants.
Reality: Mulch is exposed to high temperatures from the mulching process and from stockpiling which kills pathogens and seeds. Plant will grow into it but not out of it.

Perception: Mulch is not attractive enough.
Reality: The plants in your yard should be the star not your fire engine red mulch

Perception: Store bought mulch is better for plants
Reality: Many mulch's contain wood which is low in nutrients and often contains chemicals.

Perception: The community would complain if curbside mulch was used in public areas.
Reality: Government pays for collection of yard waste in the community and then pays again for mulch.
Reality: Money savings makes voters happy. Check out what the City of Plantation is up to.

Perception: The community would not be interested in free mulch from curbside collections
Reality: "Did someone say free?"

Finally, do not buy Cypress Mulch. It is the worst thing you can do for Florida!

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