Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plastic Bags Here to Stay?

I blogged about the possibility of plastic bags being taxed to discourage their use. I surmised that the retail industry might not put up much of fight in that they make money selling reusable bags and lose money giving away plastic bags.  I was wrong as noted on FloridaEnvironments.com.

The retail industry had already pulled a trick that is becoming more common from industries.  Pass laws that prohibit cities or counties from passing laws on such issues.  The sign that your lobbyist is doing his or her job.

In the industries defense, changes are voluntarily being made either by offering discounts for using bags or charging for the one use.

Buy here is the best comment of all:

"It was a thorough, well-researched piece of work," Fred McCormack of the Florida Dry Cleaners Coalition said, paradoxically adding, "We absolutely don't agree with any of the recommendations."

The battle continues....

Audubon  gives 10 Good Reasons to Ban Bags.

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