Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zen of Scrap-Now Open at Trash to Treasure

Zen of Scrap is now open at Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center.  Zen of Scrap was specifically developed to sell items that are hand made by local and international artisans who create wonderful and unique accessories with items that are thrown away everyday.

What becomes of all that VHS tape?  Check out the bag below.

Our mission is to advocate creativity through reusing and repurposing and to help others discover that there truly is treasure in our trash. Our society throws away valuable resources everyday and Zen of Scrap demonstrates the beauty that can be created with our "garbage".

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and then Recycle. Recycling is the last option....throwing away is not an option.

Your purchase helps the Center and the artist. Many of the designers work from home and create these items to pay for basic needs.  These accessories are a great way to show your concern for the environment and are great conversational pieces.

Our prices start as low as $10.

You can visit Zen of Scrap during Trash to Treasure's normal hours.  Friday 2-7 and Saturday 10-3.  Join us on our journey to a sustainable future!

Top Ten Reasons to Shop at Zen of Scrap!

10. You will be supporting a non-profit

9. You will be buying something unique(one-of-a-kind)

8. You will be buying local which means less greenhouse gas emissions from transport

7. You will be supporting a local artisan

6. You will be keeping stuff out of the landfill

5. Buying used helps protect the earth by eliminating the use of water, energy, and resources needed to produce new products

4. You will be celebrating creativity and imagination

3. Our unique recycled items are great conversation pieces

2. You will be taking a stand(showing leadership) for what you believe in. Vote with your dollar!

1. We are the REAL DEAL! We're not greenwashers!!

Are you interested in selling your 100% recycled creations at Zen of Scrap?? Contact us at or come by the center during normal business hours with some samples of your work!

Our boutique is located in the front room of our Trash to Treasure warehouse:
1100 NW 53 Street, #1
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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