Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beerfest Recycling Estimates

Another great Beerfest. Thanks to the Tribune for working with us to make it a green event.

Here's an estimate on the recycling:

Glass, Aluminum, and Plastic:      6,000 pounds
Cardboard:                                    3,000 pounds
Garbage:                                       2,000 pounds

That's 80% waste diversion.  Plus, we got a lot of bottle caps for the Center.

A special thanks to all the vendors who complied with the program.

Great job by Brian Turk, Sarah Goff, MaryBeth Burton, Cheryl Miller, Vicki Eckels, Alan Gavazzi, Casey Eckels, Brian Rosen, and Mike Heimbach.

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  1. You must have made an oversight. I am sure Chris Martin was a big help too.