Friday, January 1, 2010

Recycle Bank Comes to South Florida

Good article from the Miami Herald on North Miami and Hollywood joining Recycle Bank.  Recycle Bank pays residents in discounts and merchandise at local participating businesses based on the amount of recycling they do.  Trucks with special equipment weigh each cart assigned to homes and offer rebates monthly.

North Miami's recycling has increased 500%.  Hollywood is just getting underway.

A drawback to Hollywood's program is that recycling will now be picked up only every other week.  While this will reduce costs to the City, it will now be harder for residents to remember which day is for recycling.  A strong disincentive.  The frustration of putting the cart out on the wrong week or missing a recycling day will be enough for some not to participate.  In fact, one could argue if you want to really promote recycling, you would pick it up twice a week and garbage on one day a week.

There is an error in the article:
All recyclables can go into the bins, including aluminum, glass, iron, plastic containers (with recycle symbols 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7), newspapers, boxes, magazines, catalogs, phone books, printer paper and mail.
 Only plastic containers "1" and "2" with necks are reyclable in Broward County's program.  Hollywood's web site has it correctly.

But remember, T2T takes plastics 1 thourough 7 (no bags or film, no Styrofoam) with our unique arrangement with Plastic Pallet Systems.

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