Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wire You Waiting?

You have a box or bag or wires hidden in the closet from long retired phones, computers, and other electronics.  Sure you have been holding on to them thinking they will come in handy some day.  But you don't even know an Ethernet from a USB, so what should you do?

We have always taken these wires at Trash to Treasure.  But now we are aggressively pursuing them so that we can take advantage of the strong market for copper.

Recycling provides many economic opportunities to the United States.  In the case of scrap copper,  much of it is exported to China.  This reduces our trade deficit and returns to the US some of the money transferred to China from purchasing items made there.  The recycling process also provides jobs in the US as it goes from loose materials to a processed, bailed, exportable product.

The availability of scrap copper also reduces the need to import scrap copper primarily from Canada.

Also, the recycling process reduces pollution and environmental degredation.  The copper industry supports it.

So by bringing in those stray cords you can:

Help a nonprofit survive
Provide jobs in the community
Reduce environmental degradation
Reduce the trade deficit

Bring in your wires during our regular hours.  Thanks for your support.
Please cut off the large plugs.  Small plugs are OK.

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