Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Newspaper Dress and 17 More Utterly Unique Creations

The Newspaper Dress and 17 More Utterly Unique Creations

See the styles designer Gary Harvey showcased at the GreenShows during New York Fashion Week. Gloria Dawson / The Daily Green

For the second season of The GreenShows, models strutted down the runway showing off the best in sustainable, recycled and really awesome attire. This year the events were held at a new yet-to-be inhabited eco-friendly apartment building in New York City's East Village.

The GreenShows opened with a unique showcase of Gary Harvey's recycled couture. Newspapers and laundry bags rustled down the runway, along with old sweatshirts and baseball jackets repurposed into gowns.

The collection was designed to challenge people's perception of secondhand clothing. Gary, who was previously creative director of Levi Strauss and Dockers Europe, believes, "Too many garments end up in landfill sites. They are deemed aesthetically redundant and get discarded at the end of the season when there are often years of wear left." So, we say, long live the trench coat! Long live the baseball jacket! Long live whatever else Harvey uses to create his collections!>1=32060

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