Friday, November 25, 2011

Resolution for Recycling

Senate Resolution 521 was passed recently in the US Senate. The following is a summary of the resoution sponsored by Sen. Carper of Delaware.
"Expresses support for: (1) improvement in the collection, processing, and consumption of recyclable material throughout the United States in order to create well-paying jobs, foster innovation and investment in recycling infrastructure, and stimulate the economy; (2) strengthening the U.S. manufacturing base in order to rebuild the domestic economy; (3) a competitive marketplace for recyclable materials; (4) the trade of recyclable commodities; (5) U.S. policies that promote recycling and recyclable materials, that promote using recyclable materials as feedstock to produce new basic materials and finished products, and that establish the equitable treatment of recycled materials; (6) research and development of new technologies to more efficiently and effectively recycle materials such as automobile shredder residue and cathode ray tubes and to remove materials that are impediments to recycling; (7) Design for Recycling to ensure that a good can be recycled safely and economically at the end of its useful life; and (8) the participation of U.S. households, businesses, and governmental entities in recycling programs. Recognizes that the U.S. scrap recycling industry is critical to the future of the United States."
Even though this passed by unanimous consent, there is still resistance to environmentally-friendly measures as unnecessary and costly to the economy. We need to continue expressing our concerns to our legislators. You can find the full text of the resolution at: .

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