Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eco Yogurt Lounge

Eco Yogurt Lounge - Boca Raton

New discovery: An eco-friendly business

From the Eco Yogurt Lounge website:
"At Eco Yogurt Lounge, we know that good stewardship of the environment is a group effort. We strive to do our part through use of Earth-friendly, recycled materials, but we don’t stop there. We think it’s also important to support other groups in their green initiatives. That’s why we donate a percentage of our proceeds to local, ecologically friendly organizations. Together, we can take bold steps forward while leaving a lighter footprint on our environment.


Our cups don’t stop at merely serving up a low-fat, great-tasting treat. They also do their part for the Earth, making use of recycled material — every ton of which prevents 60 pounds of air pollution and spares 17 trees.
Eco Yogurt Lounge spoon


We believe plastic ware shouldn’t be a given when digging into our delectable frozen yogurt. Our spoons are made with renewable materials like plant starch, and require less energy to produce than their plastic counterparts."

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