Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EcoArt: It's Only Natural

This film project shows how art can fuse with environmental science and community engagement to protect and preserve fragile and endangered ecologies.
West Palm Beach Waterfront, designed by Michael Singer Studio. Includes water gardens and a living dock.
Since EASF’s founding in 2007, the number of Florida artists engaged in the demanding trans-disciplinary practice of EcoArt has doubled! And they are creating stunning, ecologically productive artworks at the rate of 1-2 a year.

EcoArt South Florida - Trailer from Southern Land FilmsOur project documents the phenomenon of EcoArt’s growth in South Florida, addressing the ups and downs of the journey. The film’s perspective will be through the eyes and experiences of the artists and their collaborators who will candidly respond to the key question: “Why EcoArt?” 

We believe our story of how EcoArt has become a powerful force, in a state with multiple, serious ecological problems, can spark the emergence of similar trans-disciplinary efforts elsewhere.

Biofiltration Sculpture at Seminole Casino, Coconut Creek, designed by Michael Singer Studio.
EcoArt South Florida is teaming up with Miami filmmakers Southern Land Films to mark EcoArt practice’s arrival at “critical mass” stage in the region. Our documentary, which is already underway, will profile 11 of the seventeen EcoArt works that have been completed or are in progress. We are thrilled that our efforts to catalyze the emergence of South Florida as a new, vibrant center for EcoArt practice are working!

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