Sunday, February 17, 2013

Haggar Life Khakis made with Repreve Polyester

At Costco the other day, I picked up a pair of Life Khakis from Haggar.  They are 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester from Repreve.  Recycled polyester is made from PET or plastic #1. This is the plastic that is used to make water bottles, soda bottles, and similar containers.

The pants come with tags that indicate the product is made with recycled content material.  Surprisingly, the Life Khaki web page doesn't promote the recycled content.  However, Repreve  dedicates a web page to the product and states that seven recycled bottles go into each pair of pants.

While we encourage you to buy used at T2T, we know that you will occasionally need to buy new and when you do, look for recycled content.

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