Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Recycling Skyrockets with New Carts

You may now have or will likely soon get a cart for your recyclables.  Generally, when this happens recycling increases.  The new carts add capacity to the system and also reinvigorate a program.

The town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (LBS) has moved to the head of the pack in Broward County thanks in part to the Town hiring Green Scene Consulting to implement the new program.  Green Scene is headed up by Trash to Treasure volunteer Vicki Eckels.

LBS has always been one of the top communities in recycling due to its homogeneous, high-income, and conscientious residents.  High income generally means higher consumption but this small seaside town also has significant environmental awareness.  This has resulted in the highest levels of recycling in the County.

But to get to the top, it takes execution.  Over the last four months, LBS has gone from recycling thirteen pounds per resident in October to recycling 31 pounds per resident in January.  According to Vicki, "Carts are making a difference. So many people who did not have bins were delivered a cart and are now recycling. It's not entirely due to people recycling more; rather, more people participating in recycling."

After four months, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea's 6,105 residents have recycled 85 tons per resident.  The next highest community is Hillsboro Beach at 72 pounds which benefits significantly from seasonal residents and domestic workers.  Next at 56 pounds is the more diverse Deerfield Beach whose program is headed up by former T2T Director Cheryl Miller.

Great work everybody and hurray for NE Broward cities.  Let's keep it going.

Congratulate Vicki next time you see her at T2T.  She volunteers the fourth Friday of every month.  She is also a regular volunteer at the our Beerfest fundraiser,

Green Scene Consulting was also a sponsor at Trash2Art 2012.  Also, Trash2Art sponsor Rehrig-Pacific is providing the carts.  Thanks for your contribution to our fundraiser and the art community.
Source:  Broward County

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