Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rose Parade Recycling

Better Late Than Never  - - -

New Year's Day has come and gone, but I made note of the recycling efforts of the Rose Parade.  Organic materials were set aside for composting.  Other items will be save and reused.

Miracle Gro Float
Excerpt from article:

"The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association said all good things must come to an end, but they don't have to go to waste. Almost everything on the float will be reused or recycled.

"The flowers are going to be used as compost, the vials are going to be used for next year," said Kelley Tillman of Glendale. "Most of this will probably not end up in a landfill."  More than 12,000 vials were used to hold each individual flower. They will be washed, disinfected and reused next year."  For the full article, see the link below.

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