Friday, February 8, 2013

KRU 82 Vodka in a Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle

If you found your way into the VIP section of December's CityLink Beerfest, you probably noticed KRU 82 Vodka.  It's vodka that is sold in a stainless steel reusable bottle.  Yes, just like those sold for drinking water.  The bottles come in varying sizes from 200ML to 1.75L.

I didn't get a chance to try the vodka.  Web reviews range from the best to the worst.

The price of any product you buy includes the cost of the packaging.  That's why many manufactures and retailers have made moves to  reduce packaging.  Of course, they like to tell us how green they are being but the compelling factor is price. See this New York Times article.

In the case of KRU 82, you get a highly usable product from the packaging.  At Total Wine, the cost of a 750ML container is $17.  The cost of a same size Three Olives Vodka glass bottle is $18.  Over at Healthy Goods, a 27 OZ stainless steel bottle is $18.25.  

Of course, KRU 82 doesn't pay $18 per bottle.  Since you are paying for packaging and you obviously need vodka, why not choose packaging that you can reuse?  It's like getting free vodka with your reusable water bottle.  Your uses for the glass bottle are limited and it is not easily recycled in most communities.

In case you forgot why a reusable bottle in the cost-efficient, environmental choice hands down.  Head on over to the Story of Stuff's Story of Bottled Water video.

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